Let there be COLOR!

If you asked “How did Color Hive come to be?” I might say something like this…

I had a middle life crisis. A better way to say it is – I had a midlife awakening! I realized that there are certain things that turn my volume up to “level 13” – color, creation, writing, painting, cooking, and communicating. I like to manifest ideas. I like to make a plan, mix up the ingredients, and develop a thing (an annual report, a video, a book, or a 3-course meal) that has NEVER been created before.

My passion is in visual and verbal creation; it’s not in technology or programming. While those are all important tasks, they are not my strong suit. With Color Hive, we do only the creative side – discover, plan, write, and design. No web coding. No databases. No server side includes.

Color Hive feels so right and good and FUN for me. And if you work with me, I hope it feels the same way to you.